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We get it, a membership is a different model!  We have been training BAs for decades and understand what it takes to level up and grow.  It takes not just course learning, but engaging with others and a support network of peers and experts to practice new skills.  We have been fine-tuning this community learning model since we started BA-Cube in 2017 after seeing the shortcomings of traditional online and classroom models for working professionals.

Our mission is to elevate business analysis skills and help individuals, teams, and organizations thrive through great analysis practices! We do this by bringing together experts, experienced BAs, and novice BAs from all different industries.

Together we learn, practice, share, and grow!

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Note: This is NOT a community for job searching, recruiting, job posting, promoting or selling. Any content of this nature will be removed.

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Our Unique Approach:

Learning isn't just about taking a course!

 (though we have really good ones to get you started!)

True skill comes from DOING THE WORK!  It's about applying the learning and practicing with feedback.  When you continuously learn, a little each week, and then practice and share your questions, success, and challenges with a community, MAGIC HAPPENS! The MAGIC that makes our members THRIVE and grow amazing BA careers! 

Small chunk learning - continuously - with peer and expert support as you apply it to your work!

Looking to get certified or renew your certification from the leading industry trade association?  We have you covered!  We are an endorsed education provider of IIBA providing Premium Members plenty of PDUs and CDUs to help you get certified or keep your certification.  

Angela has been a big part of IIBA's journey as part of the BABOKv3 More Team, Agile Ext Reviewer, Competency Model Lead, part of her local chapter leadership team back in the 2000s, and more.  If you are an IIBA member of want to be, you are in good company!

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BA-Cube Premium Membership

Get instant access to:

  • BA-Cube's Weekly Learning Bundle (15 min of focused learning each week)
  • Community to chat with about the learning you are experiencing! We learn from courses AND from chatting about it and practicing.  The BA-Cube community is here to help you through all these stages of learning and practice.
  • Skill Assessments
  • AI and BA Courses!
  • The Ultimate BA Master Class - 8 Themes (mini-courses)- BAs are THRIVING with this!
  • On-Demand Courses (Agile BA, User Stories, Facilitation Skills, Visual Models, Product Ownership)
  • Live Premium Coaching Events each week - Dig deep, connect, share, and get feedback on YOUR work!
  • Over 200+ quick-tip videos
  • 100+ Articles
  • Over 100+ tools, templates, and checklists
  • Access to our member-exclusive community space
Unlock a deeper learning experience with courses, live mentoring events, and access to connect with like-minded members!

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BA-Cube Community Access (FREE)

Get instant access to:

  • AI and BA Chat: Chat and learn about how AI is impacting BAs. (Join our Premium Membership for access to our AI & BA courses!)
  • Industry Posts and Events: We post some top news, advice, and events that are FREE of charge and full of great information.
  • Community Events: Attend our community events all about various Business Analysis topics!  Upgrade for a more interactive and small group mentoring experience with our Premium Events.
  • Explore Your Feed and Chat: Participate in chat sessions with fellow community members and seasoned experts. Get clarification on queries, share your own insights, and learn from the collective wisdom of the community. This two-way process can significantly shorten your learning curve and provide strategies to tackle your own professional hurdles.

Get started today and learn everything from what is a BA (Business Analyst 😉) to how to build a BA Practice!

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Team/Enterprise Premium Memberships

As a Team/Enterprise member, you can join other leading organizations like yours to:

  • Level up Your Team/Orgs BA Practice. Learn more about creating a modern BA practice, get the tools you need, the training, and the community of peers by your side.
  • Assess your team skills. Our skill assessments are thorough and provide a detailed results report.  Get team-level data with roll-up reporting data as well.
  • Get the support you need as a BA Leader from Angela and other BA Leaders around the globe!

Simply contact us at [email protected] to learn more and get started onboarding your team!

Meet Angela Wick!

Angela Wick is the Founder of BA-Cube, the CEO of BA-Squared and a LinkedIn Learning Instructor with over 25+ years of Business Analysis, Product Owner and Project Management experience.  She has trained over 2 million in Business Analysis skills!

She is an expert known globally for her experience on some of the largest projects organizations have undertaken in scope and complexity and her work in helping 100s of organizations define their business analysis and product ownership practices.

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